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Come along with me as I catch the light, color, and clouds across the landscape.

In my latest adventure I’ve been deep in the SC/GA Lowcountry, creating my latest daily painting project.

Join me on this journey and get sneak peeks (~ 3x/ week) and special VIP previews of the new collections when they're released!

Welcome! I’m Mary Gilkerson, an artist obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings.
My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily basis.
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Let me show you the way...

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Pines on Bank

 “Pines On Bank”, oil on panel, 7 x 5″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson $325 (unframed) + $15 shipping

Storm over the Salt Marsh

“Storm over the Salt Marsh”, oil, 5 x 7″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

The captivating odor of salty air, hot sun on warm cedars and pines, and the rich tang of pluff mud.

Golden Fall, Botany Bay

“Golden Fall, Botany Bay”, oil, 6 x 6”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson The golden fall light paints the marshes of Botany Bay with rich color beyond the…

Spanish Hammock, Tybee Island

“Spanish Hammock, Tybee”, oil, Racing clouds cast strong patterns of light and shadows across both Spanish Hammock and the distant marsh on Tybee Island…

Dawn Light, Edisto

​“Dawn Light, Edisto”, oil, 5 x 7″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson I love the pre-dawn early morning light. I’ve stayed in a house on Scott Creek on Edisto…

About Painting…

How Color Creates Light

In the picture, color creates the light. - Hans Hofmann Creating light is about knowing how to use color. So a student asked me about how to capture the light of a hazy day. Here’s what I told her Look at the colors you see. Paint the value and color masses you see...

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Ever been afraid to paint. Afraid to make a bad painting so you just don’t. Been frozen and the voice in your head stuck on a loop…

Oil Painting Safety: Tips for Making Your Studio More Healthy

You can give solvents the boot and still be able to clean your brushes.  ​​As we move into 2021, wouldn’t it be great to create an even safer work space? In this episode I answered all your questions about making your studio practice safer in the months ahead. As an...

Why Sharing Your Art Matters Even More in 2021

Join me as we chat about leadership and why your art matters even more in 2021. 
This is the recording from the webinar that I did on January 8, 2021. Coming the day after the attack on the Capital, I widened the angle of my original topic, “3 Steps to Get Your Art in Front of More People in 2021” to talk about the impact your art makes, why it’s important to paint now, and why your audience needs your painting now. 

Then we discuss three steps you can take to grow that audience and create an impact.

Creative Living: What’s Your Creative Purpose

Creative living is something innate. Every last one of us is born creative. Every. Last. One.

That creativity just takes different forms in different people. And multiple forms in most people.

In this episode, three different ways that creative living can express itself. Which one is YOUR creative purpose right now?