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Come along with me as I chase light, color, and clouds across the landscape.

In my latest adventure I’ve been deep in the SC Lowcountry, creating a new collection of paintings.

Join me on this journey and get sneak peeks (~ 3x/ week) and a special VIP preview of the new collections when they're released!

Welcome! I’m Mary Gilkerson, an artist obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings.
My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily basis.
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Let me show you the way...

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Early Morning Marsh

The morning golden hour when the sun rakes across the marsh, lighting the trees just across the creek. Edisto Island was just starting to wake up from winter. The greens were just popping out in the grasses when I took the photo reference here. So the dominant color...

Cedars on the Dunes

Back when I started my first daily painting project I was profoundly homesick for the Lowcountry, for the SC/GA coastal plain where the skies are enormous, the marshes wide open, and the air smells of salt and pluff mud. But I was "stuck" back then, in more ways than...

Under Summer Clouds

It’s ironic that under summer storm clouds colors look more intense without the sun to bleach them out. The humidity doesn’t cloud the atmosphere…

Summer, Morning Storm

Summer Morning Storm 5 x 7" Oil on panel A sudden heavy burst of rain moves across the summer hay fields... $325.00 (unframed) + $15.00 shipping  

Red Cedars, Bent Not Broken

Red Cedars, Bent Not Broken 5 x 7" Oil on panel These red cedars line the edge of the marsh at Lazaretto Creek, Fort Pulaski. I’m fascinated by their tenacity and resilience. They grow and thrive at the edge of the marshes and shore, turning and bending with the winds...

About Painting…

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Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary

The world looks very different right now from just a few months ago, even just month ago.  I’m hearing from a lot of the members of my community, ART+WORK+LIVING, that they’ve lost their drive. They can’t paint. That feeling of being knocked off kilter can come from...


THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES! I’ve had lots of emails from folks wondering what to do now that the 5 Day Painting Challenge is over. So we’ve decided to PAINT ON! I want to encourage everyone to use their creativity to help ground ourselves. We can use painting or drawing...