The Importance of Rituals and Habits

to Succeeding as a Creative

Habits and rituals set up the space where you can create freely, intuitively and in flow.

Watch the video above to find 6 Steps To Creating A Daily Practice That Works For You.

1. Your “Special Place” 
Where will you physically be when you paint?

2. Your “Ideal Hour” 
Aim to show up at the same sacred time every day.

3. Your “Why” 
Remind yourself about what your “Why” for painting. Bonus Points: Post it in your studio area where you can see it everyday.

4. Your “Playlist”
“Well, I never will forget that floatin’ bridge?” I’ve belted out that Gregg Allman song so many times by now that my studio neighbors probably know it by heart too.

There’s something about working to music that can really power up your painting. I call it “Method Painting”, like “Method Acting”. Thinking about the mood you want to create in your painting and then listening to music in that mood really empowers your sessions.

5. Your “Special Object” 
Pick an Item (an apron, a paint shirt, coffee mug, combat boots, headphones, etc.)  that you use JUST for PAINTING and nothing else. It should be something that you not only LOVE, but also helps you step into the most confident and focused version of yourself.

6. Be kind to yourself. Leave your judgie perfectionist self at the door.
Remember that growth always involves some struggle. It’ll take a while for the painting on your easel to match the painting in your head. But the more you paint, the better you’ll become and the closer that picture will get to reality.

Happy Painting!

– Mary

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