Daily Painting: Why Start A Practice

with Mary Gilkerson

What are some of the reasons you should think about starting a daily painting practice? Pull up a chair and watch the video to find out how painting daily can impact these three things:

  • How productivity can come from small blocks of time
  • How painting regularly creates flow: freely & loosely
  • How unique style happens effortlessly

I ask people joining my email list and facebook group what their biggest issues are with painting.

So many have said that time is it. Making time to paint when they’re overwhelmed by an already full schedule.

Others have said painting more loosely, loosening up so they don’t feel trapped in the details.

And finally, the last big group said developing their own style. What’s the magic bullet for getting your own style of painting?

The answer to all three lies in a relatively simple practice – painting every day.

Before you tell me you just don’t have time, let me point out a couple of things.

Consistency over quantity. Consistency matters. Doing a small painting daily is better for your growth than 5 big paintings a month.

20-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

The rewards:

  1. Your work improves.
  2. You stay motivated because ideas flow easily.
  3. Small daily steps move you closer to your goals.
  4. Muscle memory takes over and the difficult things become easier.
  5. You paint faster with more ease.
  6. You paint more intuitively and responsively rather than consciously.
  7. Your own personal style will develop without your even having to thing about it.


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