"Fall, Afternoon Light", oil, 9 x 12", © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

“Fall, Afternoon Light”, oil, 9 x 12″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson


I painted this standing in the field back in November when the fall color on the leaves was at it’s peak.

It’s as if the natural world goes into color overdrive in preparation for the winter’s rest. It was a warm day with lots of changes in the cloud patterns and light.

A late afternoon shower blew in and brought the plein air part of the process to a quick close, so I had to finish up in the studio.

We’re in late winter (for South Carolina) now and there are starting to be subtle hints of spring. These transitional seasons appeal to me so much more than the more extreme – winter and summer.

Watching the patterns of light and color of a place as the seasons and weather change and shift is fascinates me. It’s like seeing a slow motion film or painting over time

I’m curious… is there a season or time of year that’s more beautiful to you, that seems to speak to your soul more? How would you describe that?