“Edisto Skyscape”, oil, 7×5”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

31 Clouds Day 22
Sneak Peek #5

The view standing on the edge of the beach is almost overwhelmingly HUGE! And on a beautiful late summer evening there was blue sky on one end and remnants of roiling storm clouds on the other.

Little bits of blue sky in between the clouds with the late afternoon sun lighting up the clouds like that pink cotton candy at the state fair.

I think I may be trying to hold all those variations of blue on my palette.

Have you ever noticed that there are dozens of different blues overhead at any given moment?

So often we glance, and our mind registers “blue” and hurries on to the next task.

But if you stop long enough and really look deeply, you’ll see that it’s not just one mass of solid blue, but varies from cobalt and periwinkle to ultramarine, cyan and cerulean to turquoise. Just the names of the blues make me want to pull out my paints.

Here’s what was on my palette yesterday.

a palette full of blues

I’m so glad to have you along for my month of cloud watching and cloud painting.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is September 1!

Happy Looking!

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