“Summer Evening Skyscape”, oil, 5 x 7”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

31 Clouds: Day 1

We tend to look for beauty and perspective away from home, away from our usual routine. In gorgeous vacation hot spots.

But what if we could find a way to do that without leaving home.

Just look up.

I started my month of cloud watching and cloud painting yesterday with a summer evening sky.

Like most summer evenings here in South Carolina, the sky was a mixture of deep blues, opals, with streaming remnants of a distant thunderstorm.

There’s so much that’s gained from slowing down and taking the time to really look and see.

It’s almost a forgotten art in our rushed lives.

Our worlds are so full of busy-ness that we often spend whole days looking down, eyes glued to the keyboard, or the phone, or the TV. Whatever the current distraction is.

But there’s an antidote to that downward looking busyness.

I have a challenge for you.

Who doesn’t love a challenge!

Want a reset to start next week off in a more grounded way?

It’s really simple. Instead of always looking down, try looking up. At the sky.

Try making it a habit this week to look up and observe the sky at least three times a day – when you first get up, in the middle of the day sometime, and before you go to sleep.

Paying attention to the natural world will make you feel more connected to Nature.

So important when we measure our busyness in gigabytes and terabytes.

Take a look up right now and tell me what you see…

Happy cloud watching,

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