The holidays are almost upon us!¬†This is the perfect time of year to take your first or next steps in creating a holiday sales promotion…

Haven’t sold anything yet? Not to worry. Now’s one of the best times of year to get started.

Your holiday promotion could be a special group of paintings, a calendar, a reproduction or poster, or notecards.

No website?

Again, no


You can complete the challenge with just an Instagram account or Facebook business page, even just a box of envelopes and a book of stamps! No fancy tech here, we’re keeping this challenge simple and doable!

About the Challenge

Each week of the challenge you’ll find helpful trainings, prompts, and action items.

Each set of trainings and action items includes clear and easy-to-complete tasks that help make your promotion successful. Since we’re starting with plenty of time, each week’s tasks should only take an hour or two.

Since accountability is one of the best ways to make sure something gets done, I’m encouraging you to post challenge updates inside of the Community. Let your fellow artists support you!

A Look Inside the Trainings

Week One Training: Brainstorm Your Holiday Promotion

This introductory training will help you look at the options for marketing art and art products during the holiday season. We’ll walk through the steps to decide on your holiday offer, come up with goals for the project, and the audience you want to reach. Week one starts with easy-to-complete action items that encourage and motivate you!

Week Two Training: Plan Your Holiday Offer For Success

In the second training, we’ll make a simple marketing plan and schedule out dates on a calendar. You can promote your holiday campaign via email, blogs, or social media – or even all of the above. Be creative!

Week Three Training: Writing Your Emails or Social Media Posts

In the third training, we’ll dive into creating all of the posts/emails to use to promote your sale using templates to get ourselves started.

Week Four Training: Create Beautiful Sales Graphics

In our fourth training, you’ll learn exactly how to make gorgeous images for your holiday promotion using my favorite free software. With pre-formatted templates this step is going to be super easy and fun!

Week Five Training: Launch Your Holiday Promotion!

In this final training, we’ll cover the complete checklist for your holiday promotion and learn three FREE ways you can really turn up the volume on sales!

What’s Your First Step Now?

Join us over in the ART+WORK+LIVING Community Membership and dive on into The Holiday Sales & Promotions Challenge! Then Share your holiday sales goal with your fellow AWL members!

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