I used to feel like I was always chasing the light instead of catching it in my landscape paintings. That strong sense of light seemed to be just out of reach. So I really started studying how color creates a strong sense of light. And what I could do to catch the light instead of always chasing it. In this episode, I’m going to explain the difference between chasing the light when you’re painting from life, and catching the light. Color is the secret sauce in painting. The thing that creates form, space, and light.

How To See & Catch The Light: 7 Steps To Confidently Paint Light and Shadows With Color

You’re invited to an special free workshop I’m hosting where I’ll share the 7 step process I use to see and paint light and shadows - without chasing the light, stressing over the composition, or making a dull muddy mess with color.. If you missed this earlier now’s the time to save your seat. You can learn more here and find a time that fits your schedule.