The Scent of the Lowcountry

6 x 6″

Oil on panel 

I’ve always relaxed and let me breath out a notch when I get back to the Lowcountry and can smell that rich earthy aroma of the mud.

Everybody in my very large and extended family on the island said “puff mud” when I was growing up.

I didn’t hear “pluff” mud, the actual name, until I lived in Charleston in the 70s.

An “L” isn’t the only thing my family has dropped!

So puff mud, really pluff mud, is a very fine grained sediment that’s completely saturated with water.

It’s the mud along the edges of the creeks and rivers here. You can sink up to your hips in it if you don’t know where to step and it smells wonderful (or horrible if you don’t like it), like the memory of everything that’s lived in the marsh.

But if you hold the Lowcountry in your heart, it’s the smell of coming home.

From the Lowcountry Blues Collection

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