There’s a secret sauce for making sales on Instagram…

and it’s not as complicated or difficult as you might be thinking.

We’ve been talking all things Instagram this month in my online membership community (The ART+WORK+LIVING Community Membership) and this is one of the biggest questions I get.

“How I find customers or clients for my art using Instagram?”

That secret sauce, the magical key…

It’s engagement.

It’s building an engaged audience.

It’s engaging with your audience.

People buy based on emotion, not logic. So if you build a relationship and connect with them…


They’re 10x more likely to buy when you have something to offer.

Taking action on these 5 things will get you on your way to finding and building that engaged following.

1. Post With A Plan and Post Once a Day

2. Add a Zingy Bio

3. Hashtag With Precision

4. Post in Instagram Stories

5. Talk to People

Now pat yourself on the back! Well done!

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