Thank you for joining me here in my outdoor office for the day.  I want to talk a little bit about burnout.

We’ve all been there.

You know that feeling where you just are not inspired by what’s on the easel, what’s in your head, what’s in your mind? Nothing’s coming easy.

Well, hold on, I’ve got some ideas for you.

Step number one, step away from the easel. Put down the paintbrush. Sometimes actually continuing to paint is not the answer. Instead, I’ve got some other ideas for you. I want you to remember that when you’re painting, you need to draw from your creative well from your imagination, from the sort of creative juice that drives art. And if you don’t have any inspiration, if you’re running dry, you’ve got to recharge that well. So the first thing to do is to step away from the easel, step out of the studio.

And if nothing else, at least take a walk. That’s one reason I’m out here today is I needed to get out of the office and away from the computer and away from the studio. So step away. Go take a walk at the very least, take a walk. Another thing you can do, you can go read some books on artists. So even if you can’t get to a museum or a gallery, which is, or another really good idea we’re going to talk about, think about pulling out one of those books, probably one of your favorite artists. Get a little inspired looking at art and art books by your favorite artists can really help replenish that creative juice.

Number two, go look at some real art. Again, you got to get out of the studio. You’ve got to go feed that. Well, go to a museum, go to a gallery, go to a friend’s studio, but go look at some real paintings. Look at the texture, look at the color, look at the surface.

Number three is to try something totally different. Step away from art altogether. Either train or try something out in a different medium than you’re used to using. So for example, if you’re an oil painter, try watercolor. Try gouache, try pastels, or try something totally separate from art. Think about something like surfing, horseback riding. Another activity that will take you out of yourself. That’s a passion that can fuel your creative fire.

And number four, which I think is really one of the most important ones, find a community of artists because nothing that I can think of will refuel. You regenerate your creativity and light your creative spark, like being in the company of other creative souls. So get out there and find your community. Where do you go to find those folks? Well, you can go to your local art guilds. You can go to your local art museum. You can go online to a Facebook group like our ART+WORK+LIVING free Facebook group.

Or you can come away with us.

Come camp with us…


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