Studio is a state of mind.

One of the keys to developing your own painting practice (or any creative practice for that matter) is creating a space of your own to work in – both a physical and mental/emotional space.

Lots of people get all hung up on the physical art studio space.

Don’t let that get in your way!

It can be a physical space to work could be located away from your home, a room in your home, or even just a table in the corner of a family room.

So what to do if you don’t even have a corner where you can leave your materials out? (cause of small children/pets and such)…

Make your space a certain time frame that’s devoted just to your work.

And organize your materials so they’re easy to set up and put away.

Don’t be stopped from making by waiting for the perfect space or the perfect time.

Just get started.


Because “now” is what we have.

Studio is a state of mind.

Having a discipline actually sets creativity free. And the studio as state of mind is one of the first steps in creating that discipline or framework.

If you’d like to develop studio as state of mind I’d love for you to join me for Paint Camp 2019, Sept 12 – 15 at Kanuga Retreat Center just outside of Asheville in the beautiful NC mountains.

By the end of the retreat, campers will have a new framework for working through artists’ block, creating a painting practice where they can work confidently in flow – either inside or out in nature, and have a set of quick tools to reset their creativity when they’re feeling uninspired.

You can find more information here.

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