I’ve heard all sorts of “reasons” from artists about why they don’t share their work.

Fear of failure.
Fear of looking ridiculous.

Fear that their work isn’t good enough.

That they’re too young.

Or too old.

I’m going to give you some tough love. And this goes for all of you out there. Artist or not.

We are all creative beings. We’ve all, I mean ALL, been given a creative gift.

And when you’ve been given a gift if comes with a responsibility.

If you’re not sharing it with the world out of a limiting belief or fear, then you’re not living up to a responsibility you have to the world around you.

A gift is a responsibility. You owe it to the world.

And if you feel the call to paint, that’s your creative gift.

That responsibility is to share your work with the world.

It’s why you are here.

To make an impact on the world.

Who are you to hide your gift from the world.

One of the common false beliefs I hear about artists selling their work is that they’re afraid too.

Afraid that no one will value it.

That people will complain about the price.

That taking money for your paintings (or anything else you’ve made for that matter) is selling out.

When you tell yourself that selling your work for money is selling out, you’re holding back.

You’re denying someone who needs it the ability to have it.

Who are you to hide your gift from the world.

Who do you have to be to live into that gift?

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