Follow Your Curiosity
A strong driving force can be a great motivator to creativity. But some of them I hear talked about are not going to work as well as others. Market vs. Passion. Which should you pick?

So here are the two drivers I hear about the most
For the market – painting what you think people want   
Problem: it lacks passion or the emotional connection
For the passion – painting what you’re deeply passionate about
Problem: what if you don’t feel super passionate about anything!?!
To paraphrase Elizabeth Gilbert, we won’t feel passionate all the time every day. But we will feel curiosity everyday.
For curiosity – painting what you find intriguing, what excites you
Curiosities are the markers along the path to finding your deeper passions.
Practice Self Awareness
Signs of Curiosity:
  • A racing mind
  • Absorbs your conversations
  • Makes your heart race
  • You feel excitement
Journaling or sketching are great ways to start seeing the patterns around what captures your curiosity so that you can recognize the early signs, what sets off your curiosity radar. 
Look for:
  • What sparks it.
  • Patterns that cross over different subjects.
Focus on the ones that feel most compelling, that spark a sense of play.
This is how you create deeply compelling paintings rather than just technically good ones.
That’s the second stage of the painters path, the inner game of painting, the creative living that leads to compelling paintings that emotionally engage your audience.
And how you’ll find your ideal collectors, the people who share similar curiosities, the work of the final stage of that path.
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