In my last video I talked about whether the style you work in matters in making sales from your artwork.

But maybe you’re not even sure you WANT to sell your work.

I hear lots of reasons why artists say they don’t want to sell their work.

Emotional attachment to the painting…

Don’t need the money…

But the one I hear most is that their work isn’t good enough, so they’re waiting to start selling until their paintings are better.

How many good artists do you know who are waiting to start selling their work until their paintings get better? Are you one of them?

The irony is that starting to sell your work can actually fix the “not good enough yet”.

Here are 3 reasons you should want to sell your paintings:

1- You’ll make more money

  • More art supplies
  • More time

2- You’ll make better paintings

  • The more time you have to paint, the better your paintings will get

3- You’ll build a relationship with an audience for your work

  • Validation of what you do
  • Impact on someone else

So are you ready to start selling your paintings? What’s holding you back?

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