In the last episode I talked about the top 3 reasons why you should want to sell your paintings:

1- You’ll make more money

2- You’ll make better paintings

3- You’ll build a relationship with an audience for your work

Hands down, most of the questions and responses I got to that video were around this:

“If I want to sell my art, how do I do it?”

Are you asking yourself this??

My advice might not be what you expect.

Galleries, local events, and fairs may NOT be the best way to start.

Which direction should you go instead??

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00:00 This is the question that I got. “I want to start selling my art, but I don’t know how!”

00:11 In my last video we talked about why artists might want to start selling their paintings, their artwork. And I got a flood of questions, a flood of comments saying that the artists wanted to start but had no clue how to get started. One of the most traditional ways of selling art is to sell through galleries. Another way is to sell through outdoor events like art fairs, other sorts of temporary, local kind of art events. That tends to be the standard spot that all the gurus out there will tell you to start with. Start local, start with something that’s close to home, start with something that’s easy. Well, that was true 10 years ago, maybe.

01:10 Certainly it was true 20 years ago. Things have changed. Things have changed an awful lot. So I wanna talk about why galleries, local events like art fairs, art sale, outdoor art, sales or events, just might not be the place to get started if you want to sell your artwork.

01:35 Let’s talk for a second about the way it used to work pre internet. So back in the old days, if you’re like me, and remember those days pre internet, the way that art was so primarily was through galleries or through those local live events like those art fairs. And so that meant that an audience would come and attend a live public event where they would see the artwork for a limited period of time interact with either the dealer or the artist. They would have the chance and the opportunity to purchase that artwork.

02:16 Only during that time they would buy that artwork, they would leave and they’d go home and happily hanging on their walls. Well, that changed when the internet came along. And here’s how when the internet came, it meant that artists started selling their work online. It meant the art work was available online. It meant that there was an expectation that collectors would be able to find an artist online. So here’s how that scenario works. Now when people go to an outdoor art fair, an art event, now they go, they browse, they meet the artists, they look at the artwork online and they asked the artist, where can I find your work online?

03:11 They don’t always buy and in fact statistics show that attendance at both art fairs and outdoor events and physical galleries has dropped in the last 10 years and a lot of that can be attributed to the new shopping habits of people worldwide. People want and expect to be able to shop online. Galleries that are succeeding now are taking that into account and making sure that they are using online resources to market to those exact same collectors. So what does that mean for you as an artist? It means that when you try to start at a gallery or start at an outdoor event, a live event that you are going in to a market or a channel that has fewer people in it than it did 10 years ago. And those people now have no pressure to buy the ones who actually do show up because they know that art will still be available to them when that event closes down and they go home because they’ll be able to find it on line.

04:33 So there’s no longer any deep need or desire, FOMO, fear of missing out when they attend those live events. That’s the first main reason that I just don’t think that’s the place to get started selling artwork. The second reason that I don’t think that’s the place to get started besides there’s a really limited number of people attending anymore, is that if that was the first place that you try to sell your art and it doesn’t work, what’s going to happen? You’re going to pack it up, you’re going to go home and you’re going to say, nobody wants my artwork. This doesn’t work. You’re going to give up. You’re going to quit painting and you’re not going to share your work with the world and the world deserves to see your work. So that’s why I do not recommend that people use that as a starting point.

05:36 Does that mean that I think those are bad places to try to sell your art? No, not at all. I think they can be very fantastic channels for selling your art, but the artists that succeed in selling through galleries, the artists that succeed through selling at live events harness the of the internet to make sure their audience shows up so it’s not the place to start first. The place to start first is online yourself. The barriers to entry are so low, they’ve never been lower, and it means that you have direct access to your customers and clients want to know how to get started or we’re going to be talking about that more over the next few days, but I have an upcoming free workshop next week that’s going to be diving into exactly that and if you’d like to learn more about that or to register for that workshop, I’m gonna put that link right here.

06:52 If I can get it copied, I’m going to put that link right here in the comments so that you can hop in there and join us next week. We’d love to have you there. It’s going to be over three days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week. Each day live here on my page and on zoom so you can join via the page right here via Facebook live, but I highly recommend that you register via zoom. It’s a much more comfortable experience. Facebook live can be a little unpredictable, but it’ll be at one o’clock Eastern on Monday the 13th and Wednesday the 15th and Friday the 17th where I’ll be going over my framework for how to grow an audience and sell your artwork online. Would love to have you there. Hope. See you soon. Take care everybody, and happy painting.


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