The world looks very different right now from just a few months ago, even just month ago. 

I’m hearing from a lot of the members of my community, ART+WORK+LIVING, that they’ve lost their drive. They can’t paint.

That feeling of being knocked off kilter can come from not having your regular space to work in, your regular coworkers, the things that normally inspire you.

But now is not the time to stay stuck.

Now is the time to move your feet, and to raise your hand and paint.

Because painting matters.

Your art matters.

And people need to see it.

And in the practice of painting, you can create the new habits, the new routines that will bring you back to a sense of being grounded.
One of the best ways I know of to find that deep sense of connection is through observation of the immediate world around you.
Cultivate deep seeing and close observation creates that connection, even in the most ordinary of spaces.
In fact, that’s where the magic lies.
Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Look for the beauty in the everyday.
And when you help other people see the beauty that already exists in their own world, you help them find their feet, their ground and their center again.
So don’t wait to find the perfect subject. There’s no such thing. Just paint.
Get started with the world right in front of you. 
Today’s video gives you three ways to get started in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Let me know which works for you.
How can you make the most ordinary object look interesting?
  1. Zoom in on an ordinary object so that it fills your picture plane.
  2. Change your normal point of view. Instead of working from eye level, use worm’s eye or bird’s eye level.
  3. Use light, natural light, to make something commonplace wonderfully interesting.

What are some of the things you do to find the beauty in the ordinary?

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