Have you ever had the feeling that your creative well has just completely been drained dry? Like there’s nothing left.

In today’s culture, we tend to be so busy. We drive ourselves so hard. Go, go, go, go, go. There’s a feeling that you’re not being productive if you’re not doing something. If there’s no product at the end of the activity or the process, then it’s not worth doing.

But the very opposite is really where truth lies.

One of the fastest ways that you could recharge that creative well and reenergize yourself is by doing absolutely nothing, taking time, blocking time out to give yourself the time to just be.

I’m gonna go over five things to help you get to that stage of doing nothingness.

The first is to remember that you need to be, not do. That’s not nearly as easy as it sounds like for most of us.

One of the first things you want to do is to become still. Be still. In the process of being still, you’re being.

And you’re letting go.

And in letting go you’re relaxing and in relaxing, especially in silence, you’re able to begin to hear the thoughts that are going on in your head.

That’s actually the reason most of us become so busy and stay so busy. So we don’t have to listen to ourselves in our EDS, but those thoughts need to come out.

Those thoughts are the things that are blocking your creativity and until you’re silent and until you’re just sitting, you’re not even going to be aware they’re there.

So awareness is that first step towards silencing those thoughts and beliefs that can get in your way. So be, not do. Relax and let go in silence so that you can listen to yourself.

Number two is do that outside and unplugged because if you go outside, and you’re unplugged, you’re not going to be bothered by notifications your phone. It won’t ring, won’t ping.

You’re not going to be tempted to type on your keyboard. You’ll have less interruptions.

And as one of my favorite writers, Anne Lamott, has said, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes – including you.”

We need to unplug. That’s what I mean by doing nothing and outside is one of the best places to do that.

Number three, become aware when you’re quiet, when you’re still. When you’re outside, it’s so much easier to become aware, not just of your own thoughts, but of your senses.

Think about those for a minute. Become aware of what you’re feeling and by feeling, I mean, what you’re touching, what you’re hearing, what you’re tasting. And yeah. You’re always tasting stuff based on what you’re smelling.

So what do you smell? And most importantly, what are you seeing?

If you’re silent, if you’re becoming more aware, you’ll learn to see more deeply.

And isn’t that a goal that all of us have as artists. To learn, to see deeply.

When you can become still and aware, especially if you can become still and aware in front of your subject, it’s so much easier to begin to see deeply.

And I promise the more you see, the more you’ll see.

The more time you spend seeing and looking and observing, the more you’ll see deeply. The more you’ll see about line, shape, color, and form; light, value, and composition. All of those tools that we have in our toolbox.

Then number four, play.

If you’re doing all the first three things that we’ve talked about: being and not doing, being outside and being unplugged, becoming more aware, the next step is to allow yourself just to play with what’s available.

Play means to not be so attached to the outcome. Children play all the time.

I’ve been watching my granddaughter and how she plays.

Children just naturally play. They don’t get attached to what’s going to happen. They take what’s right in front of them and they create an activity with it.

They’re light with it. And they’re detached from the outcome.

So play, stay light and stayed detached.

You’ll find that those four will recharge your batteries, create that reset. Because you’ve created a space for the new creative ideas to enter in.

I hope this is helpful. If it is, let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and feel free to share this with anyone else you think needs to hear it.

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