I’m taking a viewer’s questions around the nuts and bolts of plein air painting, in particular HOW to find places to paint.

Here are some of her questions:

“What continues to befuddle me is the HOW’s of finding places to paint en plein air! – What do you do?

Do you go and ring doorbells and ask if you can paint someone’s view from on their property?

Do you need permission to paint in public parks?

What if you want to paint on a roadside? What are the legalities and safety concerns?

What about private roads and private drives and private communities (even if not gated)? Can a thoroughfare actually BE private, or is that just a put off?

I am running into a lot of that here on the coast of Connecticut, when I travel down to it. And it is very frustrating.

There are even discouraging signs at public boat launches that say that they are for launching and fishing ONLY!

Do they really mean to keep artists out?”

Do you have questions you’d like to have answered in an upcoming video? You can leave them in the comments below.

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