small paintings collection

A small paintings collection

What’s the single most important thing other than your art, if you want to sell art online?

Hint: it’s not your website.

Or your email list…

Or even your social media.

That one thing? It’s an audience of Ideal Collectors.

And in today’s video I’m gonna explain what an Ideal Collector is, and the three reasons they’re so important in selling art online.

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What’s the single most important thing other than your art, the absolutely most important thing? If you want to sell your art online, hint, it is not your website. 

That tends to be where most people start and they spend a lot of time on things like design, logos, colors, images, layout, all of those cool things… But then they go to launch their site and it’s crickets. Anybody ever had that happen? I have seen that happen over and over again. In fact, the first time I launched my website, maybe even the second time I launched my website, I had that same experience, but here’s the thing… The big issue is that it’s a traffic problem. It’s not about the quality of your artwork. It’s not about the design of the website. It’s that there are not enough eyeballs coming to the website to see your work. 

Your email list isn’t the single most important thing either. As important as your email list is, what people tend to do is produce a monthly newsletter, something that’s outlining their latest accomplishments in a digest format. It ends up being all about the artist. And fews flash, people don’t want to read that. 

Think about what we tend to do with the “newsletters” that you get via your snail mail, the ones that come to your mailbox. They tend to go pretty quickly into the trash. Unless the person who’s writing them has realized they need to write about something other than themselves. That’s a messaging problem.

Another thing that is definitely not the most important thing is social media. That’s everybody’s solution for everything. I’m a big lover of social media. Y’all know that you’ve definitely heard me talk about the importance of using it before, but it’s not the most important thing. 

You can sell art online without using social media. You can sell art online without having an email list or website. The most important thing is not social media. In fact, what most people tend to do is post a lot in volume because they think, “surely if I post more, I’ll get more people who might want to buy my art.” They post without a clear intention of what they want those posts to do or who they are trying to attract. That’s a content problem.

The solution to all three problems is the single most important thing, having an audience. 

Not just any audience, because you can’t sell work to everybody on the internet. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’re going to appeal to no one. The solution is an audience of ideal collectors. 

When you know who your ideal collectors are, then you can get more of the right visitors to your website because they’re going to be your perfect ideal buyers. you can write emails that will delight those visitors so that they are eager to open them. And you can create social media posts that attract them in the first place and move them to your email list. 

See, all of those things that I talked about earlier are important. An email list is important. Social media is important. But, they all are in service to finding, attracting and retaining that audience of ideal collectors. What do I mean by ideal collectors? Your ideal collector is a profile of your perfect fit buyer, your perfect fit collector, the person who is the ideal person for you to work with. It’s the person who’s in alignment with the work that you’re producing. 

Because remember, our market is not everyone. 

I asked a student I had years ago at the college who her target market would be, she said everybody on the internet. And everybody on the internet is not going to be attracted to your work. 

But, I’m here to tell you that there’s a market for your work. Each and every one of you. It’s just that you have to go and find them. You have to identify who your ideal collector is, because you’ve got to know who they are first. Go out and find them and bring them back to where you can share your work with them. 


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