“Golden Hour, Tybee”, oil, 5 x 8”

“Golden Hour, Tybee”, oil, 5 x 8”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

The golden hour, painted at one of my happy places back at the end of summer…the huge expanse of marsh across from Ft. Pulaski.

The golden hour is that short period right before sunset when it looks like the whole world has been brushed with gold leaf.

A profoundly fleeting moment…

It was a bit cooler and drier because Hurricane Ida’s remnants had blasted through the afternoon. before.

But still lots of gorgeous cloud remnants bending over the marsh.

One of the reasons I love that spot is the view in all directions. By parking my car in the Ft. Pulaski lot, I can get a view of the huge expanse of marsh grass, small creeks, and sky just across the highway.

And the other direction? The South Channel of the Savannah River and the distant ocean.

And did I mention the scent of pluff mud??

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