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The Challenge Starts March 25th!

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What You’ll Learn In The Challenge:

Secret #1: How You Can Accomplish More In Less Time

I used to struggle with finding big blocks of time to paint.

Then I discovered that productivity can come from small blocks of time, like 20-30 minutes a day.

Secret #2: How Painting Regularly Creates Flow So You Can Paint Without Fear

Habits create flow.

When you paint regularly, muscle memory takes over and let’s you paint more responsively without feeling trapped in the details.


Secret #3: What’s The Magic Bullet For Getting Your Own Style

Consistency. Consistency matters. Doing a small painting daily is better for your growth than 5 big paintings a month.

Your own personal style will develop without your even having to thing about it.

The Challenge Starts March 25th!

Register to Receive Daily Email Prompts Each of the Five Days

So what’s involved in the challenge?

It’s really super simple, to make a 20 minute painting for 5 days straight.

Each day set a timer like the one on your phone for 20 minutes (paint mixing time doesn’t count), grab your largest brush or knife, and let her rip! Keep it simple and look for the big shapes. When the timer goes off STOP!!

Subject matter and size is completely your choice but I’d suggest staying smaller.

Here’s how to get the best results from the challenge:

1. Create some built-in accountability. Invite a friend to join you in this challenge by sending them this link:

2. Stay plugged in — every day. I’ve created helpful and inspiring emails that you will receive for all 5 days of this challenge. OPEN THEM. READ THEM. Let me guide you.

3. Post your progress and updates on your social media account using the #ArtWorkLivingChallenge hashtag and check out all of the other amazing artists who are going through the challenge with you.

I’ve got a special Challenge Guide for you when you register to help prepare you and keep you on track during the challenge.

Are you in?

Let’s paint!