Take Your Offline Art Business Online Fast!



An On-Demand Online Workshop

Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY Who Your Audience Is & Where To Find Them Online, What Your First Online Offer Will Be, & With A Plan In Hand To Promote It!


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You're an artist, maker, or gallery owner who's (finally!) ready to take your art business online. Now! BUT...

Do any of these sound familiar?

You know you need to be online to reach your collectors and buyers, but don't have any idea where to start.

You're overwhelmed by all the tech choices and aren't sure which direction to go.

You don’t have time for a full-blown course in the middle of running an art business.

What if I told you that...

You don't need dozens of tools, a fancy multi-paged website, or thousands of followers to survive and thrive, even during challenging times.

You just need to learn how to find...

  • What your ideal customer really wants right now
  • Where to find your ideal customers online
  • How you can offer what they want in a way that serves them
  • And how to promote your offer so that it feels like sharing and just about it sells itself



for Artists Wanting to Move Their Offline Business Online Fast

For artists who want to teach or sell their work, and need to take their business online to meet the demands of our current situation.

Here's what you'll walk away with after our LIVE Bootcamp

  • Get clarity on your ideal customers and the best way to serve them in these challenging times
  • Learn where to find your ideal customers online and how to get in front of them quickly
  • ​Identify the best offer for your clients by understanding what they really need right now
  • ​Learn how to put the offer together so that you can actually start selling it right away
  • ​Craft the right emails to get your offer out there in a powerful way that speaks to your ideal customer
  • ​Share your new offer so that it practically sells itself
  • ​And much more…

NOTE: The Online Art Biz Bootcamp is not a step-by-step course for getting started on a particular platform. We aren't taking a deep dive into technology although I will be providing a guide with technology recommendations.

Here's what participants in Mary's workshops and courses are saying!

"Mary, just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advice with the recent holiday promotion exercise. It pushed me to finally complete my website! My goal was to get subscribers, got 20 new ones, and had by far my largest audience participation on my Facebook art page. All the exercises I can use over, which I intend to do, concentrating upon sales next."

- Kathy Nettles

"Her courses are super, learn a lot, and get a boost of enthusiasm & skill. Besides it is sort of an online salon like the French Impressionists used to have in Paris, only the attendees come from all over the world. Great fun too. Best of all, Mary is an outstanding teacher." 

- Sheila Walsh

"When I first met Mary, I was just transitioning to be a full-time artist with no idea how to turn a painting practice into a business. I'd also hit a wall with my skills and wanted to learn observational painting and how to create rich, harmonious colors. Her courses allowed me to quickly expand my painting skills and navigate presenting myself and connecting with an audience online. I narrowed my focus, came up with short and long-term goals, and consistently take steps towards them."

- Theresa Edwards

"After taking Mary's courses, I no longer wait for inspiration, I just get it done; both the artistic and business side of my practice. Ultimately I will continue to grow my online sales of paintings both locally and internationally and fully intend to exhibit at the prestigious London Royal Institute shows. These are all things I would never have aspired to before I worked with Mary."

-Jim Morgan  

"Mary is a pro! She encourages, inspires, and leads her students on a path of discovery of themselves as artists. She shares a wealth of information that I will keep reviewing and learning from for a very, very long time."

- Lori Lamb

"Take the course. You won't find this caliber of content and mentorship style anywhere. She knows what she teaches and she teaches it clearly. You will gain a massive amount of knowledge, your head will spin...but you will come out of the spin cycle knowing a lot more than you even knew was necessary."

- Cindy Brucksch

I taught painting and arts entrepreneurship at the university level before I built my own successful online business - and now I'm committed to helping YOU

I'm a painter obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings. My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily bases. 

My goal is to help aspiring artists build a sustainable creative life and implement the three keys to consistently making art that they love, that feeds their soul, a well as having an impact in their world.  

Mary at museum