See Through
an Artist’s Eyes!

Come along with me as I chase light, color, and clouds across the landscape.

In my latest adventure I’ve been deep in the SC Lowcountry, creating a new collection of paintings.

Join me on this journey and get sneak peeks (~ 3x/ week) and a special VIP preview of the new collections when they're released!

Heathwood, Spring Morning

“Heathwood, Spring Morning”, oil, 8 x 10”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Early morning spring light looking out over the fields surrounding Heathwood Hall.

Thoreau said, “One attraction in coming to the woods to live was that I should have leisure and opportunity to see the spring come in.”

Heathwood Fields, Morning Haze

“Heathwood Fields, Morning Haze”, oil, 8 x 10”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Morning haze blended with the smoke from a controlled burn to create perfect diffused light.

A cool but beautiful day to be painting outside with artist friends and a great group of high school students at Heathwood Hall.

Heathwood Fields, Early Morning

“Heathwood Fields, Early Morning”, oil, 6 x 8”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
I’ve spent the week painting with a group of Heathwood Hall high school students this week, pure pleasure!

We focused on painting the landscape outside with a painting in the morning, turn the easel at lunch, and a painting in the afternoon.

Paintings Are Never-Ending Stories

Paintings tell stories. Even when they’re not narratives.

I know that sounds odd coming from someone whose main subject is landscape, but here’s what I mean.

I’ve had a small stash of my daily paintings pulled out for the last month as I get my piece ready for Art Fields…

Fall, Afternoon Light

  I painted this standing in the field back in November when the fall color on the leaves was at it’s peak. It’s as if the natural world goes into color overdrive in preparation for the winter’s rest. It was a warm day with lots of changes in the cloud patterns...

Early Fall Afternoon

“Early Fall Afternoon”, oil, 6 x 8”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to paint outside. The light is spectacular and the…

Fields in Fall Light

“Fields in Fall Light”, oil, 5 x 7”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Low angled fall light hits the fields along Minervaville with raking, warm light.

This may be my favorite time of year. I probably say that about every time of year, but I’m really in love with the red-orange hue that covers the world at this time of year.

Minervaville Road, Fall Shadows

“Minervaville Road, Fall Shadows”, oil, 6 x 8″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
The clear light of fall afternoons creates strong patterns of light and dark …

Fall Mist Rising

A warm fall day means mist rising off the ground as soon as the sun goes down. Wisps and waves of mist float across open fields and pastures overtaking everything in its path. They seem to meander every which way. When I was a child, those mists were scary things, the...

Mivervaville Evening, Summer

$325 (unframed) + $10 shipping and handling   The last of the light along Minervaville Road on a late summer/early fall evening. Bands of distant storm clouds catch the  last of the sun. The deep blue greens of high summer are...