Welcome! I'm Mary Gilkerson and I empower painters to create their own thriving studio practice and business. 

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Upcoming Live Virtual Workshop:

JANUARY 27-30, 2022

Painting Dramatic Clouds, Subtle Skies, Light-Filled Land & Tranquil Waters in either Oil or Acrylic from the Comfort of Your Home Studio!

The flat open landscape of the Southern coast is the perfect classroom for gaining confidence in capturing the elusive subjects of clouds, skies, land and water. Click here to learn more...

Online Courses to Grow Your Thriving Studio Practice & Business

Create Compelling Paintings You Love That Stand Out. This 8-week online program will transform both your paintings and the way you paint.

Catch The Light Instead Of Chasing It. Learn how to use color to capture the effects of light and shadow no matter the time of day, season, or weather!

Grow Your Online Art Biz. Join Mary Gilkerson’s 12-week program and learn the 3 key systems for succeeding as a thriving artist in today’s online art market.


Amplify your impact and accelerate your growth. Join this 6 month small group coaching mastermind to get the inspiration, accountability, and support, along with high-level strategies, a community of go-getters, and a proven path to fast track the growth of art and art business.

The Accelerator Small Group Coaching Mastermind Regular or Intensive 
6 Month Program

The AWL Community Membership for Ongoing Support & Community

Get Community, Networking, Support, and Resources. For artists that are balancing busy studio, business, and creative lives.

Mini-Courses for Bite-Sized Learning On the Go

Follow along with Mary in the comfort of your own home studio, with a full demo video package. This package includes two instructional PDFs that outline the 7 step roadmap Mary uses, as well as a guide to paint and material selection.

Follow along with Mary in the comfort of your own home studio, with a full demo video package. This package includes two instructional PDFs that outline the 7 step roadmap Mary uses, as well as a guide to paint and material selection.

Are you taking advantage of Instagram yet? Insta is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and almost tailor made for artists. And the good news is with a little consistent work and a plan, you can build an engaged audience, and move followers to becoming fans.

Hey There, I'm Mary...

I'm a painter obsessed with capturing color & light in my paintings. My fascination for the way that light moves through the natural world keeps me deeply connected to the spaces and places I move through on a daily bases. 

My goal is to help aspiring artists build a sustainable creative life and implement the three keys to consistently making art that they love, that feeds their soul, a well as having an impact in their world.  

Mary at museum

"Mary, just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advice with the recent holiday promotion exercise. It pushed me to finally complete my website! My goal was to get subscribers, got 20 new ones, and had by far my largest audience participation on my Facebook art page. All the exercises I can use over, which I intend to do, concentrating upon sales next."

- Kathy Nettles

"Her courses are super, learn a lot, and get a boost of enthusiasm & skill. Besides it is sort of an online salon like the French Impressionists used to have in Paris, only the attendees come from all over the world. Great fun too. Best of all, Mary is an outstanding teacher." 

- Sheila Walsh

"Mary is a pro! She encourages, inspires, and leads her students on a path of discovery of themselves as artists. She shares a wealth of information that I will keep reviewing and learning from for a very, very long time."

- Lori Lamb

"Take the course. You won't find this caliber of content and mentorship style anywhere. She knows what she teaches and she teaches it clearly. You will gain a massive amount of knowledge, your head will spin...but you will come out of the spin cycle knowing a lot more than you even knew was necessary."

- Cindy Brucksch

"When I first met Mary, I was just transitioning to be a full-time artist with no idea how to turn a painting practice into a business. I'd also hit a wall with my skills and wanted to learn observational painting and how to create rich, harmonious colors. Her courses allowed me to quickly expand my painting skills and navigate presenting myself and connecting with an audience online. I narrowed my focus, came up with short and long-term goals, and consistently take steps towards them. Mary's Painter's Path program is extremely well-rounded. It not only helps artists improve their painting skills, but also gives step-by-step instruction in turning an art practice into a business. Answering questions through face-to-face calls makes a huge difference in moving past blocks. Mary encourages each artist to find the path that fits them individually & her modules on mindset dive deep into this. Her invaluable experience and knowledge span many areas of art. She simplifies complex processes into manageable steps built just for artists and truly wants to see artists thrive in doing what they love. Mary's guidance has improved my confidence as an artist and her encouragement has led me to put myself out there in new ways. I'm now building my art business in a consistent way and gradually seeing plans come to life. My paintings have improved, I've had lots of positive feedback and I'm developing a social media presence. Lastly, Mary's push for balancing art, work and life has been extremely helpful, and something I needed." -Theresa

"When I discovered Mary and her courses, I had just started painting seriously again after 40 years of not producing anything except for holiday sketches. I worked mainly in watercolor and wanted to loosen my style as I felt it was too tight, especially when it came to my landscapes. After looking into Mary and her approach to landscapes, I felt it aligned with the direction I wanted to go in. With Mary's online course format, I was able to work in my own time and refer back to the material whenever I needed. The direct contact to Mary during the weekly Q&A sessions was also very helpful. Mary's teaching style is very direct and she teaches by example, which reinforces learning new skills. After taking Mary's courses, I no longer wait for inspiration, I just get it done; both the artistic and business side of my practice. Currently I work a fulltime job running my own design and construction business, but I plan to stop in the next year to commence a second career as a painter. Ultimately I will continue to grow my online sales of paintings both locally and internationally and fully intend to exhibit at the prestigious London Royal Institute shows. These are all things I would never have aspired to before I worked with Mary." -Jim Morgan  

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The Practice of Painting Blog

The Practice of Painting Blog dives into everything an artist needs to know, including: studio, business, and creativity insights. All tied together by Mary Gilkerson's mission of helping aspiring artists build a sustainable creative life and implement the three keys to consitently making art that they love, that feeds their soul, as well as having an impact in the world.