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When you're an ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community Member, networking, support training, and resources are exactly what you get. 

Making art can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn't have to mean working alone.

The ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community Membership provides Community, Networking, Support, and Resources for Artists that are balancing busy Studio, Business, and Creative Lives.

Solitary days in the studio, lack of a supportive community, and friends and family who just don't "get" what goes into making art can add up to making an artist feel pretty isolated...

Whether you're in a rural community or in the middle of a city.

It doesn't have to be this way... 

In spite of living in the age of connectivity, lots of artists say they don't have a supportive network that "gets" their art pursuits. It doesn't have to be this way. You should have access to fellow artists tackling the same problems you are, resources that answer your questions quickly, and experts that respond to your needs. 

When you're an ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community Member, networking, support training, and resources are exactly what you get. 

Artists in a supportive community make better choices, get more consistent results, and feel more confident in their ability to grow their art, business, and creative life.  

Just because you’ve chosen the artist’s path doesn’t mean you can’t have the community and support you need.  

In fact, community and support are key to success.

Who We Are

ART+WORK+LIVING™ community members are working in every medium you can think of, and a few you haven’t imagined.  

Their backgrounds and training are just as wide-ranging.  

Some have thriving existing art businesses; some are just taking their first steps. 

From small details to the big picture, we're doing it all...

And I'm Mary Gilkerson, your host and founder of ART+WORK+LIVING™

Mary at museum

 A Community Membership is your access to me, an amazing community of artists, and the resources I’ve designed to serve artists just like you. 

I work with artists to hone their craft, make more compelling art, and build more engaged audiences. 

I often help budding art stars to dive into their “why" to develop creative goals that resonate on a deep level, and help them put together a sustainable model for working that brings them joy. 

I also work with artists of all types to help them connect with more customers, develop customer-centered offerings, and grow their business.

Imagine if you could...

Develop a regular art practice by leveraging the habit creation loop.

Give and receive honest, constructive feedback that leads to greater growth in your art.

Leverage your big ideas into bodies of work that maximize impact and visbility.

Take your art to a bigger audience and attract new collectors.

Discover art business models that give you less time at the desk and moretime in the studio.

Push beyond traditional ways of reaching your audience.

When you join the ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community you'll get all of this...

The Thriving Artist Roadmap Masterclass designed to meet you where you are while providing support and resources that make working towards your studio practice and business simple and stress-free.

Access to a growing resource library with new trainings/challenges added monthly on topics like daily art practice, artists' websites, social media, email marketing, and more.

Monthly group Q&A/Critique call with Mary Gilkerson. Ask your questions, get answers. With replays available permanently.

Monthly Quick Challenges - bite sized challenges to help you take actionable steps forward in alignment with that month's training.

Monthly Backstage Pass - a behind-the-scenes look at Mary Gilkerson's studio and business.

A Community of success-focused and vision-driven artists just like you.

Take a peek inside the Membership...

What does ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community Membership cost?

$37/mo or $397/year

Ready to become a part of a dynamic community of artists capitalizing on their big ideas? Join the ART+WORK+LIVING™ Community Membership today.