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October 18-22 

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2020’s had its fair share of challenging times, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and at a standstill in our painting practice. Part of staying resilient as an artist is setting time aside for you and your art practice. Paint Camp 2020, a completely Virtual Experience is your time to fill the well of your creativity so that by the end you are refreshed, renewed, and inspired in your painting practice. And while this year’s Paint Camp may be a bit different from my previous camps and workshops my goals for you remain the same…

Make a Big Leap with Time Just for Painting. Rest from Obligations. Forge New Friendships and Deepen Older Ones. 

Paint Camp has a magic of its own that comes from the artists who participate and the bonds that are created from shared time doing the thing we’re all passionate about. This year we’ll recreate that magic all from the safety of our homes. 
Huge transformations happen when you get up in the morning, and paint all day, sometimes doing 2-3 paintings in a day. And then repeat the process again and again.
I call it The Big Leap…

The Big Leap… It’s what happens when you get into a rhythm and flow, and your hand remembers from one day to the next how you got that great surface or color. 

You’re not having to relearn what you’ve forgotten by letting days go between painting. 


Paint Camp is your time to immerse yourself in painting AND enjoy the company of others doing the same things to spur you on.

Time.  Accountability.  Community.

What’s Included

The Paint Camp 2020 package includes 5 full days of the Virtual Experience for you to join in live. We’ll start you off with a helpful tech check with one of my team members a few days before camp begins to make sure you’ll get the most out of your time with us.

The Virtual Experience will allow you to join in live instruction and demo painting (with reference photos included!) and fun evening activities including optional critiquesgallery talks, and Front Porch Q&A’s with Mary. And at the VIP level, you’ll also receive a special goodie box right to your front door with the paint supplies and a few other fun things to get you in the camp mood!


What You’ll Need

You’ll need a quiet space, your computer or tablet (we recommend with a webcam for you to join in), and strong internet connection. You’ll need to set up your painting space with your preferred supplies, as well as an easel, palette, paper towels, additional canvases/panels, and soap for cleaning up. 

Hang a do-not-disturb sign on your door and be ready for your painting adventure!

Who This Is For

Paint Camp is for painters of all levels who are ready to immerse themselves in the practice of painting the landscape for 5 days with a group of other like-minded artists. 

How Paint Camp Works

We’ll start our days with Mary doing a demo painting where she’ll share tips, ideas, and techniques for you to implement during the scheduled painting sessions. In the afternoon we’ll break for lunch where you’ll have the option of joining in our virtual cafeteria.

Following lunch we’ll have painting sessions, lessons on creativity, and group critique. As we wrap up our day you’ll have the option to join in  our Front Porch sessions…A time for chatting, relaxing, sipping on something cold, and Q&A with Mary (and the occasional guest).

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