Take your painting to the next level, grow an audience of devoted followers & collectors, and define your own success path with the business tools to get there.

The Painter’s Path Program

is a 12 week engaged & interactive online program designed to transform your painting practice so that you make art you love, define your path to success, and build an engaged audience that will get you there.

Create Your BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in 2019!

My name is Mary Gilkerson.

I’m an artist and have been painting, exhibiting, and selling my work as a visual artist for most of my life. After teaching painting at a small college here in South Carolina for more than 20 years, my painting practice was thriving and had reached the level that I was able to leave the college to go full time in my studio. I was able to do this after developing processes in my practice – in the painting, business, and my creative life – that allowed me to build an audience large enough for me to thrive. Now it’s my pleasure to share those processes that form the Painter’s Path with you.

Do you have big goals for your painting and you want to get there faster?

The biggest thing that holds artists back from reaching their goals and making the impact they can is that myth of the Starving Artist…
That idea that you can’t make any money in art…
That you have to suffer to be any good…
That succeeding as an artist is just too hard.

I get it.

I was told those stories too…and by my own family members.

But the truth is, those are just stories.

I wrote another story for myself. One that was about success…on my terms.
Rewriting that story of the starving artist into a thriving artist meant that I’ve been able to build a multi-6 figure business in just over 3 years.

That’s why I’m here…

To help you rewrite your story…

From the “Starving Artist” to the “Successful, Thriving Artist”.

Ten years ago I was drowning in administrative work at the college. I’d had success in my artistic career, but teaching full-time at a small college meant that administrative work was eating up my time.
I did not have enough time to paint, to exercise my creative genius muscle.
And I found it hard to get enough time in the studio.
That rippled into my exhibitions and sales.
It felt like that muscle had atrophied!
So I challenged myself to create a new painting practice, one that revolved around making a small painting every day.
I started to take small steps to develop a painting practice that would work in the time I had.
Baby steps at first but they added up over time to create a major shift in my work.
I discovered that using a framework, I could accomplish a tremendous amount in a small period of time. And not only did I begin to make more paintings, more good paintings consistently, but I found myself painting more freely and fearlessly, without all those lingering self-doubts that had crept in.
I was happier…more creative…painting more “in the flow”…
And when I applied that framework to building my audience, amazing things started to happen!
First one solo show, then two, and then three in one year alone.
Major Awards and major grants followed.
When I finally had a moment to breathe, I started asking myself what it was that was working?
What I was doing different?
What was it that got me to the point where painting, building an engaged audience, and selling my work wasn’t a struggle…
And the process of bringing a painting from the studio to my audience felt like a natural flow?
And I figured it out.
At first I wasn’t sure “it” would work for anybody else, but I tested it with my students at the college…and “it” worked for them too.
Just to be sure so I used it with the people in my workshops…and it worked. My students had breakthroughs too.
Well “it” (what I started calling THE ART+WORK+LIVING FRAMEWORK) worked…again…and again…and again…
Since then I’ve taught these systems in separate courses both at the college, and in then in my online courses.
But always separately.
Now for the first time, I’m bringing all three together in one course.

The Painter’s Path.

WITH The Painter’s Path YOU’LL LEARN

the three keys to consistently making art that you love, that feeds your soul as well as having an impact in the world.

Developing strong painting skills

Building an engaged audience that converts to collectors

A creative mindset geared towards opportunity and success

What You’ll Get in The Painter’s Path

Eight modules plus introduction, each one a step in the process
System for creating your own beautiful paintings, engaged audiences, and sales processes
More than fifty videos
The keys to shifting your mindset towards your own success path

Take a look inside:


How would it feel to be consistently making art that you love, that feeds your soul as well as having an impact in the world.

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Bonus #1: The COMPOSITION, COLOR, & LIGHT Course including the complete PAINTER’S LANGUAGE FRAMEWORK
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Bonus #2: The PAINTER’S BUSINESS Course
8 Modules and over 20 lessons

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I’ve done everything I can to make this the best online painting program available.

I KNOW it works because it’s the exact same process that’s behind a multitude of successful paintings, both my own and those of my students.

But, if you’re on the fence…or if another online course has left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to “buy it and try it” with absolute confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through the first modules in the program, follow the simple step-by-step framework, and realize for yourself just how amazing it feels to have a process you can use over and over.




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