The Smalls Collection
I’ve pulled together a selection of the small paintings, some of my favorites.
These paintings range in size from 4 x 6″ to 8 x 10″, and a few long ones, one of my favorite formats to work with since it emphasizes the strong horizontals of the flat country I love to paint.
A small painting makes the perfect gift for family and friends.
Happy Holidays! ~ Mary

Winter Sunset, Minervaville // SOLD

Today is the shortest day of the year, and the longest night.

Winter Solstice.

I love the winter light, but not the cold, so I’m celebrating the return of the light.

And lots more beautiful winter light before the return of spring.

Early Fall Afternoon

“Early Fall Afternoon”, oil, 6 x 8”, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to paint outside. The light is spectacular and the…

Winter Mist Rising // SOLD

A mist rises over the hayfields in the cool of the evening after a warm afternoon. Here in the Deep South we can have a 30-40 degree difference between day and night even in winter.

Mivervaville Evening, Summer

$325 (unframed) + $10 shipping and handling   The last of the light along Minervaville Road on a late summer/early fall evening. Bands of distant storm clouds catch the  last of the sun. The deep blue greens of high summer are...

Dawn Clouds

The first morning light gives a silvery light to the clouds in the western sky and reflect across the flooded marshes. Full high tide and morning light…

Late Afternoon Light, Edisto Island

The last blaze of intense light on a late winter/early spring afternoon on Edisto Island. The marshes along Fishing Creek are subdued, without their summertime glaring greens.

Fall Light, Wavering Place

Fall has reached the South with that beautiful golden light that saturates the landscape.

This past week I painted at Wavering Place in Lower Richland…

Edisto Palmetto

I was just down there in September to teach a plein air painting workshop. This was the first one of the workshop, done at a friend’s house along…

Early Morning, Scott Creek // SOLD

The early morning light over Scott Creek is always gorgeous, rain or shine. On this morning the sky was clear and filled with the warm light of fall.

Streaming Clouds

$650 (unframed) + $20 shipping and handling This is a time of year when there's almost a cacophony of greens, from grasses to bushes to evergreens and seasonal foliage. In spring and summer it's all out. It's also a time of year for rain...

Wise Lake, Evening

Sometimes there’s some part of the mystery of earth, water and sky that still needs to find expression. That’s what I found with the painting of Wise Lake.

Elm Savannah Spring

"Elm Savannah Spring", oil, 7 x 5", © Mary Bentz Gilkerson $325 (unframed) + $15 shipping How can a backroad named Elm Savannah be anything but intriguing?! I’ve painted this rising curve in the road several times but each time the...

Fall, Grove at Sunset

$325 (unframed) + $15 shipping/handling What is that blue stuff overhead?! We’ve finally got some blue sky overhead and it’s making me giddy!! The strong sunlight at the end of the day made a great streak of light green across the field...

Fall Sunset // On Hold

$325 (unframed) + $15 shipping and handling On Hold   This was painted right at the autumnal equinox, the beginning of fall. Both the sky and the land are taking on the colors of the season. This sunset has both.      

Weston Fields, Late Summer

$325 (unframed) + $15 shipping/handling There’s a blue haze in late summer/early fall that gets between the tree line and your line of sight, especially when there’s been a good bit of rain. Backlighting sets the edges of the clouds...

Long Shadows, Summer // SOLD

The tall loblolly pines in the picnic area at Congaree National Park cast long patterns of shadows across a deep carpet of pine needles.

Late Spring, Sims Trail

  $235 unframed + free shipping in the Continental USA     Dappled light plays across the edge of Sims Trail, making the trunks of the trees glow with reflected green light.  

The Light on the Bluff // SOLD

$235 (unframed) + $10 shipping and handling   Intense light on the stand of pines on the blugg at the top of Sims Trail in Congaree National Park. This is the same subject that I painted back in March, before the leaves came out....

Minervaville, Full Green

“Minervaville, Full Green”, oil, 4 x 6″, © Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Winter grains, either wheat or rye, makes a mass of almost obscene green in the fields along Minervaville. It’s a riotous green, much darker and more…

Blue Light, Morning

$235 (unframed) + $10 shipping The morning light reflecting off the snow gives a blue cast to the fields and distant trees. After two days of dense clouds and wintry weather, the light is particularly welcome! Our unusual snowfall hung...